Public-talk "Business of bakeries and pastry shops"

23 march, 13:00-17:00

Trend topics

Anti-crisis ideas for business development

Owners of bakeries and pastry shops
Topics of event
  • Market analytics of bakeries and pastry shops. What has happen in a year?
  • Retail chains are actively opening their own bakeries. How to effectively compete with federal retailers?
  • Equipment for bakeries and pastry shops. Is import substitution a myth or a reality?
  • Bakery and pastry shop design. How to stand out from the competition?
  • Competent design: mistakes that will cost you too much
  • The range of bakeries and pastry shops. What is currently trending, and what is economically profitable?
  • Promotion. Effective tools 2023
  • WOW-desserts as a marketing tool
  • Personal brand of a pastry chef and baker. Why do you need this?
  • Loyalty program for bakeries and pastry shops
  • Packaging for confectionery products. Market situation
  • How to get on the shelves of retail chains?
  • Confectionery shelf online. Competent merchandising. Dialog "manufacturer-network"
  • Business scaling. How to understand that it's time, and which way to choose?
  • Anti-crisis measures. What are small business owners doing?
  • Labeling of water and dairy products. What does this mean for the owners of pastry shops and bakeries?
  • Round table "Artisan bread in a restaurant: economics, marketing, staff"
  • Panel discussion "The future of the bakery and confectionery market"
Who is performing?
  • Oleg Borodin
    Founder of the Family Bakery and Pizza Goose chains
  • Lisa Batt
    Pastry chef, brand chef of the cafe NIQA pâtisserie & café
  • Sergey Zhuravlev
    Founder of the Zhuravlev Bakery Manufactory, the Zhuravlev Little Bakery family chain
  • Evgenia Golovkova
    CEO Kuzina
  • Alexander Limanov
    Ex-owner and manager of the «Mom's Bread» bakery chain, business development specialist
  • Svetlana Kuzmina
    Technologist for baking and ready meals, specialist in quality management "Vkusvill"
  • Natalia Palagina
    Yandex Business Customer Development Manager
  • Alexandra Cherkas
    VKontakte Evangelist for Business
  • Alexey Belkin
    Flowwow Partner Manager
  • Nina Makogon
    One of the most famous restaurant recruiter, founder of a recruitment agency
  • Victoria Provkina
    Head of the GOST-market certification center, creator of the SOYUZCONDITIONERS community, author of the book "Confectioner in Law"
  • Julia Gubareva
    Founder of the design and technology laboratory "Perfect Kitchen"
How it was in 2022
Titova Tatiana
Program Director