Panda Colors freeze dried fruits will help you follow healthy trends

Sublimation is a modern technological process that allows you to store products as long as possible, increasing their initial shelf life. Sublimation is a special method of removing liquid from products in a vacuum (without air).

Sublimate is an excellent flavoring additive in ganache, dough, creams, fillings for eclairs or cakes and for making chocolate. Powder from freeze-dried berries can be used to decorate confectionery products, and whole berries - for granola or for marmalade, marshmallows or decorative candies.

The benefits of sublimation:
– all the beneficial properties of fruits and berries are preserved
– the shape, color, structure and even the aroma of berries / fruits are preserved
– no preservatives, colorants, flavor enhancers, flavorings
– after freezing, the formation and development of fungus and harmful microorganisms does not occur
– shelf life increases
– negative impact on the product - no
– the price for rare fruits for the region (tropical / non-seasonal berries, etc.) is lower than for a fresh product

The technology of using sublimates:
It is enough to add a certain amount of water and allow a little time to insist that the berries or pieces of fruit absorb moisture and return to their original state. Such berries can be used for baking, as well as ordinary ones.

You can use sublimate as a powder - this method is often applicable in the manufacture of chocolates or mousses. In this case, so that the freeze-dried berries and fruits do not absorb moisture, you need to mix them with cocoa butter.

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