Make trendy products with raw materials by FOODMIX

To solve this problem we invite you to the trade fair. Let us imtroduce you FOODMIX company. At FOODMIX booth you can find:

One of the most popular coatings for mousse cakes and desserts today is mirror glaze.
Mirror icing "MIRUAR" by FOODMIX:
- Gives the product a bright shine, attracting the attention of the buyer
- Very resistant to temperature changes
- Easy to use, does not require professional skills from the confectioner
- For a low price you get a premium segment
- It has different tastes: orange, vanilla, strawberries, pistachio and chocolate
- Can be reused

Poppy filling, which is completely ready for use. It is used as a semi-finished confectionery for filling the products of the confectionery, bakery and other branches of the food industry, as well as for home use.
Poppy content 40%, solids content 72%.

Fudge, which is great for glazing bakery and confectionery products: pastries, cakes, rum women, muffins, cookies, eclairs, etc.
Colors and tastes are varied: classic white, chocolate, as well as new products: yellow and pink fudge.
Fondant is easy to use: just dilute it with water and apply to the product.

Pav. 2.2, booth 22A45