LINXIS Group, Leader in specialized equipment solutions for the Baking and Food industries

From ingredient automation, pre-dough and mixing systems, to portion process, all our activities can be discovered here.

Our mission is to leverage collective expertise to develop and implement innovative solutions, that help our customers produce best-in-class products wherever they operate.

Diosna offers fermentation, pre-mixing and kneading solutions, combined with sourdough strains developed by its Baking Center.

Shick Esteve operates in dry and liquid ingredient automation from storage to dosing, including process control and traceability.

Unifiller offers dosing, depositing, filling and decorating equipment for the food industry.

VMI provides premixing, kneading and mixing solutions in batch and continuous processes.

LINXIS Group serves more than 95 countries all over the world. Wherever you are, there is a LINXIS team close to you. We are proud to support the food industry at a global level.