6 reasons to meet at the AIR-BAKE booth

March 17-20 at the AIR-BAKE booth you can:
– see BELDOS universal depositors that are suitable for working with a wide variety of products: from air meringue to minced meat

– learn how to use a new product from MONO to make a product that is not on the market

– get acquainted with Spiromatic's modern approach to storage and supply of components

– understand the technology for producing real craft bread on Hein ovens

– discuss market news with CEO Irina Travkina (over 30 years in the industry) and sales director Mikhail Kotikov (always up to date with current trends)

AIR-BAKE is an official representative and supplier of industrial bakery and confectionery equipment of world brands: Spiromatic, BELDOS, MONO, Hein.