See kneading machines from VMI (France) at Modern Bakery Moscow

• SPI AV Mixer with a wide range of tools
The range of SPI AV spiral mixers with removable bowl, offers a high power of kneading, ensuring speed and quality for production up to 750 kg of dough. Thanks to its wide range of mixing tools and tool speed variation, the SPI AV is ideal for most type of dough with high or low hydration: ciabatta bread, cookies, doughnuts, cheesecake, Viennese pastry, unleavened, fermented or gluten-free, germinated seed-based mix or vegetal proteins…With a robust design, SPI AV guarantees consistent production 24/7.

• The KNEADSTER mixer
The KNEADSTER is dedicated to manufacturers who wish to make traditional quality bread on an industrial scale (up to 750 kg of dough). The double mixing tool with exclusive design facilitates the aeration of the dough for even more consistent mixing. KNEADSTER meets the requirements of all major families of dough and is particularly suited for "clean label" recipes. The KNEADSTER is also available with pastry tools, adapted to cakes, biscuits and pastries productions.

• The ULTIMIX planetary mixer
The ULTIMIX is dedicated to snack products, pastries and biscuits, and guarantees the reproducibility and scalability of productions, whatever the size of the batch or the recipe. ULTIMIX allows working under vacuum or pressure, dosing and minor ingredient introduction, heating / cooling, draining under pressure and cleaning in place. ULTIMIX supports the development of industrial activities and integrates perfectly into
automated production systems.

• Batch mixing systems
VMI automated kneading systems benefit from over 30 years experience in advanced industrial automation. As a source of added productivity, the programming of production plans ensures an automatic sequence of recipes as well as regular pace. VMI in-line mixing systems achieve hourly production from 1,500 kg to 8 tons of any type of dough. Fermentation, resting, degasing, differed ingredient proportioning, sourdough, introduction of scrap dough… VMI systems provide the highest performance on the market.

Find more at the booth 22A60, Pavilion 2.2.