Debag - Intelligent baking technology

Smart SmartBake-automatic recognition of the uploaded quantity
The SmartBake auxiliary system recognizes the number of products loaded into the oven and automatically adjusts the parameters. No matter how many baking sheets are baked in the oven, SmartBake ensures that only the amount of energy you need is consumed.

Virtual Baker – digital assistant in a bakery
With the help of state-of-the-art sensors, the program recognizes the type and quantity of products loaded into the oven and automatically selects the desired baking program. This minimizes the chance of management errors.

 e. Clean - solutions for easy cleaning of the oven
Economical cleaning systems impress with low water consumption and energy consumption. The e. CLEAN function provides increased cleanliness while reducing labor costs. With the automatic program start function, you can perform the cleaning program even during non-working hours.

e e. Connect-intelligent integration of furnaces into a network
The FilialNet software can connect an unlimited number of ovens to a network and provides a convenient overview and comfortable management of the baking program. The connected furnaces can be controlled at any time and from any location. It is possible to read operational data and usage data for individual hearths and appliances.

e. CONTROL-offers the necessary control for any needs: from manual control, in which the baking parameters are manually adjusted using mechanical switching elements, to ultra-modern and intuitive touch control.