SEMZ-sugar and confectionery emulsions dosing station at the Azov Confectionery Factory

The SEMZ plant has implemented a project for the Azov Confectionery factory to modernize the areas of granulated sugar dosing and preparation of confectionery emulsions. Dosing systems were delivered to two production lines: for sugar and for liquid components.

Each section of sugar dosing is equipped with a vibrating sifter with a capacity of up to 300 kg / h and a strain gauge dispenser with a pneumatic drive for 540 liters. The maximum weight loading into the sugar hopper with a density of 0.85 t / cubic meter was 270 kg, the intended dosing volumes were 252 kg and 222 kg, the minimum volume was 25 kg.

For the preparation of confectionery emulsions, a 240-liter liquid component dispenser with pneumatic actuators on the product supply and discharge valves is installed at each site. The cross-section and material of the valves are selected according to the technical specification of the customer, taking into account the specifics of the preparation of confectionery emulsions. Since the dispenser is designed for the preparation and dosing of thick viscous masses, a mixing device and electric heating of the hopper are provided.

Each complex consisting of a sugar dispenser and a confectionery emulsion dispenser is controlled from a single PLC logic controller with a touch panel. A single control panel allows you to control the processes on both dispensers and provides the ability to quickly update the control algorithms, including on running equipment.

 You will be able to see and communicate with representatives of the SAMZ plant at the Modern Bakery Moscow 2021 exhibition, stand 22C60