“Russkaya Trapeza”. Packaging of confectionery products in a "flow pack"

Every 4th filling and packaging machine manufactured in Russia is produced at the Russian Trapeza factory.

Due to the growth in the volume of products produced at the Slavkond confectionery factory, it became necessary to increase the production capacity for packaging.
The specialists of the Russian Trapeza holding company were tasked with developing and installing a maximally automated compact packaging line focused on packaging small-piece confectionery products, such as souffle candies and glazed marshmallows, in a flow-pack package.

The installed complex has a high capacity and allows you to pack up to 300 packs/min. The software of the complex stores up to 100 software products. The color touch display Touch Screen with graphic, multi-language interface, makes it easier to enter information and selection of software product, provides easy and intuitive perception about the current state of the machine and simplifies the configuration of operation modes automatic mode on-line.
Установленное The installed equipment automates production, minimizes manual labor and creates high-quality attractive packaging.

You can see the equipment in action and get acquainted with the company" Russian Meal " at stand 22D60