RONDO. New patented technology

Our loyal exhibitors, as well as the Golden Sponsor of the fair 2021 - RONDO company, will show a unique dough-rolling machine at the exhibition.

What is its uniqueness?
The completely new Compas 4.0 drive concept, for which a patent is pending, has been well received. In contrast to all other electronic sheeters available on the market, which have only one central drive and one gearbox, the Compas 4.0 is equipped with four individual drives for conveyor belts and rollers. 

The setup enables the Compas 4.0 to sheet every dough without stress, an essential factor for uniform dough bands and for baked goods with consistent weight and size. Thanks to the separately adjustable infeed, outfeed, and roller speed, the sheeting process can be optimally adapted to any type of dough. This means that the Compas 4.0 can automatically sheet even very delicate doughs that could previously only be processed by hand.