JAC. The latest generation of bread slicers VARIA

Speed: The new VARIA has significantly increased the speed of slicing. Now this bread slicer is able to cut most types of bread at a speed of 240 slices per minute. Thanks to the three slicing speeds, even the most brittle and fresh bread can be efficiently sliced at a slower speed.
Ergonomics: In addition to the manual grip of the loaf, the VARIA can be equipped with an automatic grip option for greater comfort.

The latest touch screen greatly simplifies the work and allows you to maximize the possibilities of the bread slicer. The cutting width can also be selected on the screen.
The VARIA is the only model in its category with a perfect horizontal surface (JAC patent). It is convenient to place a package or a box of gloves on it.

Hygiene: To ensure the hygiene of the equipment in the shops and bakeries, the internal architecture of the VARIA has been completely rethought. Excess crumbs and dust fall into the provided collection tank. Unlike classic machines, the bread is cut in a 100% closed environment, which prevents the spread of dust outside the machine.

You can see the equipment in action and communicate with representatives of the Russian office of JAC at stand 22B50