Rademaker.Technical support. Training operators using VR and AR

VR and AR are similar, but have important differences. Virtual reality is what most people imagine when they think of a digital environment created for total immersion and separated from the real world. AR is a real-world environment, augmented with digital information.
In a bakery, it may look as if the operator is using a smartphone or tablet camera to look at the equipment and see a digital interface on the screen that displays useful information, such as manuals.

For companies that restrict staff access to their facilities, VR and AR provides an opportunity to conduct training and troubleshoot problems without visiting the facility.
USA has used augmented reality as part of its round-the-clock service to make it faster and more mobile. Moreover, the technology eliminates language barriers, which is a plus when working with bakers around the world. Operators learn faster in a virtual system where they can safely make mistakes and learn from them without fear of losing the product.

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