UNOX. MIND.Maps BIG. - Cooking performance, power and reliability.

Intelligent ovens use the latest technology to support your work. Baking, steaming, frying, regeneration of cooked dishes in plates and much more: the maximum return is always expressed in the optimal full load. The quality and uniformity of the preparation is always guaranteed with any amount of loaded product, and the repeatability of the process does not depend on the operator.

Six symmetrical fans and high-performance linear heating elements, quickly generate heat, minimize temperature recovery time and optimize air flow.

Oven cooking chamber and MIND rolling cart.Maps BIG is made of 316L stainless steel used in shipbuilding, which guarantees increased resistance to any type of corrosion over time.
Reinforced frame construction and the dream of any baker or cook-a push-to-close door, tested over 1 million cycles, the door slamming function reduces the load on the operator during operation. The strength and safety of the door is guaranteed by its thickness of 70 mm.

By visiting the MODERN BAKERY exhibition, you will be able to personally get acquainted with the BIG floor-mounted combi oven from UNOX.