New equipment for proofing dough by Apach Bakery Lab

There are some reasons:
– To have fresh fragrant pastries by the time the opening, the baker does not need to start the shift since 4-5 in the morning. It is enough to prepare products and give them the necessary shape in the evening. After that, leave them in a special cabinet with proofing interruption technology that will stop the fermentation process, and by morning bring the temperature to the range necessary for the final proofing. Thus, in the morning time baker will be free for other important tasks.

– This will give flexibility to your production. The full programmability of the interruption proofing process will allow you to have freshly baked aromatic products at any time of the day: for example, at lunchtime rush hour.

Apach Bakery Line values ​​your time and work and offers cameras and cabinets with interruption of the proofing. They will increase productivity, optimize the workflow and open up additional space for creativity.

Want some details? Come to the Apach Bakery Line booth: Pav. 2.2, 22D10