16,000 donuts per hour - is it possible?

Пост про Rondo.png

16,000 donuts per hour – the fully automated RONDO Smart Donut Line boasts such a speed 🍩 The equipment uses the technology of a kneading tape, which ensures the production of perfectly round donuts with an accuracy of up to a milligram 💯

Thanks to its modular design, the Smartline can also produce other baked goods that are deep-fried.

Among the advantages of the equipment are:

🍩 stamping instead of cutting, which provides a more accurate size of the test piece
🍩 dough trimmings can be easily recycled
🍩 the equipment is designed for multi-shift operation
🍩 high productivity thanks to the fast operation of the guillotines
🍩 intuitive operation even for middle-skilled workers
🍩 centralized management ensures quick product change on the line
🍩 easy synchronization with subsequent proofing cabinets

Learn more about the RONDO equipment at stand 21D60 at the Modern Bakery Moscow | Confex 2023 exhibition 😉