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Advertising is the ability to feel and convey the very heartbeat of business. We help our Exhibitors lay the breadcrumbs to the heart of your company for visitors. Clear navigation to your company, product and info-pods on our information resources.

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We have selected the optimal set of promotional tools for a successful exhibition start - available on request.



We offer you a range of customized sponsorship packages - powerful tools specifically designed to increase your brand awareness. It will help you stand out from your competitors and significantly enhance the commercial effect of participation in the exhibition.


We will help you to highlight something you are perfect at. We focus on the product: whether it is a mono-product or a unique service. Claim your brand!


Sponsorship promotion that emphasizes your status and leadership:


We will be happy to help you find a solution that meets the goals and objectives of your advertising campaign the best way.



You can choose advertising element by element, as well as supplement the proposed advertising packages.

advertising SURFACES

  • Logo on the Main page
  • Logo on the Exhibitor page
  • Novelties in the Innovative Radar block on the Main page
  • News in the Top 3 in the news block
  • Top 3 in the Exhibitors list
  • Top Banner and Bottom banner in the Exhibitor list and Brand List
  • Announcement of the participant's events in the "Program" section
  • Logo on the online Registration site 280х100
  • Advertising banner at all stages of online registration 280х280
  • Banner in the footer of the online Registration website
  • Logo on the registration terminals onsite
  • Business program guide and booklet: logo on the floor plan, in the "Partners" section, highlighted in the Exhibitors list, advertising module, news
  • Visitor ticket: online badge logo, laminated badge branding
  • Navigation structures: advertising banner 2x2m, 1x2m, 6x2m; logo on the hall plan, highlighted with a frame in the Exhibitors list.
  • Mention of the company in press releases of the exhibition
  • Sponsorship materials: packages, layout of flyers
  • Youtube, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte - here we offer posting your company news and new products
  • Integration of presentations into the business program of the exhibition
  • Branding screensavers in conference rooms
  • Partner gifts for speakers and experts
  • Laying out promotional materials in conference rooms
  • Presentation of products at the equipped workshop site
  • Product placement - layout
  • Branding on the site of master classes
  • Laying out promotional materials at the workshops
  • Studio branding studio for recording interviews with exhibition guests
  • Recording an interview with the company
  • Integration of advertising into interviews with exhibition visitors
    • Participation in thematic online events
    • Elaborating online events upon an exhibitor request
    • Native advertising without participation in a discussion
  • Inclusion of news about the company's product in newsletters
  • Mentioning the company in thematic newsletters
  • Event announcement at the company's stand in newsletters 
  • We cooperate with a large number of specialized publishing companies. We will be happy to help you find the relevant publishing company for advertising.
    • article
    • advertising banner


    Organization of the booth space, own events at the booth (presentations, negotiations, master classes, entertainment activations, lotteries and contests), advertising integration into the organizer's events, participation in the business program and much more - this is labor and financially intensive things to do. It is important to know and be able to calculate the effectiveness of participation to achieve short-term and long-term business objectives.


    • Management and sales metrics (ROI, CPO, CAC, LTV, etc.): return on investment measured by the number of purchases made or pending, profit / loss for each $ invested  in the event, the price of each client attracted through the event.
    • Marketing metrics (ROMI, CPA, CR, CPV, awareness, engagement, top-of-mind metrics, customer base size in CRM, etc.): Show the effectiveness of the event as an advertising channel. How much does one “touch” of the target audience on the project cost? What are the conversion rates? How many people saw the booth? And how many went to it? How many of them completed the target action (tasted the product, tested the equipment, took the catalog)? How much money did each person who took this action cost the brand? If we conduct surveys, how many people remember the name or logo of the company after the exhibition and are ready to use the presented products? How many new customers appeared in the mailing lists, and how many left their contacts to the sales manager? How much money did they bring in during the week/month/year/five years after the event? By tracking and knowing these metrics, you can influence the performance of every event and every integration along the entire customer journey (CJM). 
    • PR-metrics: ИSometimes you can add just one or two interesting informational events to the program of the exhibition (activity at the stand, integration into the events of the exhibition) to make it even more talked about. The main metrics for measuring the effectiveness of an event in terms of PR: the number of brand mentions, the structure of mentions by type, sentiment, GRP / TRP, OTS, and PR VALUE, which is of particular interest to us. The latter indicator is measured in money and means the cost of free or partner publications in the media received as a result of the event, if the brand had to purchase the same volume of articles on a general basis.
    • UGC (user-generated content) и other SMM metrics : is the amount of content generated by social media users with brand mentions or logos. Separately, you can count marks, traffic growth in online channels and the number of new subscribers.

    Create an individual performance evaluation system for each exhibition project:


    • Determine why the brand needs integration into the event. Bringing a new product to market? Do you rely on reach and recognition indicators. Working with the brand image, maintaining a certain image or reputation? Be more attentive to the target audience, conduct marketing research before and after the planned events, study associations, work with the media. Do you need to establish distribution, find new sales channels for products? Then consider conversion rates, the number of contacts received, the amount of contracts concluded at the event, the cost of attracting a new partner.
    • Select ONE main business goal and 1-2 additional ones for the exhibition / integration. For example, let's make the main indicatoran increase in the number of registrations for the presentation of a new product. Can we further increase awareness or get media coverage? Do not try to embrace the immensity, but do not stop at one indicator either.
    • Formulate the main and additional goals in the format of a SMART task. 

    The goal should be:

      • Specific. What results need to be achieved? What are the qualitative characteristics of the results?
      • Measurable. What are the quantitative indicators? Where and how are they located?
      • Achievable. ​Does the contractor have the resources to achieve this goal?
      • Realistic. Can this goal be achieved?
      • Time-defined. When should the goal be achieved?
        • On the example of the exhibition:
          “We want to make a wow-stand on the occasion of the company's anniversary” is not a SMART goal.
          “We want to meet clients at a branded booth of a company that suits our strategy in terms of style and values, will bring together at least 500 people at the site over 3 days of the exhibition and increase the number of attracted potential customers in total to 650 people in the period from March X to Y” is SMART.
    • Select metrics that will give a complete picture of the effectiveness of the exhibition: how exactly and how we will measure it and how much it will cost. If you need marketing research, schedule it. Booth attendance? We choose: video counting, registration scanners, personnel with mechanical clickers, gate frames or sensors at the entrance. Be sure to add items related to measurements to the project estimate and appoint a person responsible for obtaining this information.
    • Collect the received data, conduct analytics, make a report on the achieved indicators

    The exhibition is influenced by many factors that cannot be predicted: weather, news, epidemiological situation, the effectiveness of integrations of other brands. It is important to look at the performance indicators of the event in a comprehensive manner. If you understand that it will be difficult to achieve your goals, you have at least three options.

  • Increase the effectiveness of what is happening at the moment. Work with conversions. Your stand is in a remote hall and your stand is empty. So make an agreement with the organizer - let the promoter / manager of the exhibition and persuade everyone who came to the Trade Fair come to visit the stand. Agree on an additional bonus for visitors to the exhibition “only today and only now” and focus on this benefit for everyone who has reached the stand. Agree with the organizers on additional announcements or distribution of brand promotional materials in the most accessible places. Achieve the achievement of event performance indicators not because of, but in spite of.
  • Set new goals: For example, you are making a presentation in virtual reality and you are counting on a certain number of viewers. But they are not (the real case of one of the regional ministries). Who is to blame for this, you will figure it out later, but for now you need to think about how to get the most out of the situation. As an option: find a way to catch up on the presentation of "bots", hire a virtual operator, mount a dynamic video based on the results of the event and be sure to put it in the media, accompanied by an article that the ministry is modern, visitors are interested in the topic of speeches, and in general we are for the first time in Russia look what they did. Yes, the "number of visitors" goal failed. But how much coverage can you get in the media! It might even turn out to be much more profitable.
  • Look at the situation more broadly: What else did the brand gain from participation? We look at another measurable benefit that you brought to the business. “There were 130 people at our master classes, but 45 of them immediately made a purchase after MK, and ten of them became regular customers!” I translate into numbers: the conversion to the first purchase is 34.5%, of which another 22% to regular customers. LTV on profit for the year is more than 60K $ with a total cost of materials for the master class of 18 K. There were no purchases? Ok, let's dig further. “Ten bloggers with more than 100,000 subscribers, two newspapers and the BBC website wrote about our master class! For free!" PR VALUE of our master class is more than 350,000 $. This is the amount that we would spend if we were buying ads of the same volume for money. The total coverage in social networks is more than 20,000 people, with the cost of organizing a master class of 90,000 $, CPV (price per impression) was only 4.5 $.