A new business idea for 2024

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We are finishing the last working week of the outgoing year with a new trend in New York and an interesting business idea for entrepreneurs on holidays and after holidays - tea salons ☕

We tell you how it works in New York:

Brooklyn High Low and Lady Mendl's tea houses offer visitors classic tea ceremonies lasting 75 minutes. The atmosphere in these establishments is truly luxurious: Victorian lampshades with fringes, gold leaf on stucco, tea sets from fairy tales and bookcases with mini sweets.

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Another interesting idea is Tea Around Town. This is a tour of the city on board a double-decker bus accompanying with afternoon tea. And of course, it doesn't work without bread, sandwiches and confectionery.

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We are making final preparations for the holidays and stocking up on ideas for business development in the new year 🙌

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