Invite you to the business forum Confex. Confectionery expertise

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Dear friends, we hasten to congratulate you on the first day of spring and remind you that March is not just the beginning of the spring period and the proximity of summer, but also the month of the Modern Bakery | Confex exhibition and the Confex. Confectionery expertise business forum🍬

On March 19-20, we will meet at the international business forum for owners and top managers of confectionery enterprises. We will analyze the topics relevant to confectionery production:

🔹Trends of the confectionery market 2024

🔹Confectionery branding and packaging: challenges, trends, innovations

🔹Marketing in the confectionery industry. Development and promotion of new products, neural networks, healthy lifestyle

🔹Ingredients for confectionery production. Health care, taste and innovation

🔹Offline and online retail

The number of places is limited – hurry up to register at the website of the event🔝

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