The first compact machine with double-sided frying of pancakes in Russia

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The first compact Russian machine with double-sided frying of pancakes PK-1.2.20 will be presented at the stand of the Group of Companies Delovaya Rus.

🥞All processes are automated: pancake forming on the frying surface, flipping and removing the pancake into a neat stack
🥞Automatic filling of the dough into a container is carried out using a removable shelf-holder and a jar with the dough
🥞Adjusting the gap between the carriage and the frying surface allows to make pancakes of different weights from dough of different densities.
🥞For making round pancakes with a diameter of 20 cm
🥞Productivity 80-120 pancakes per hour

We are waiting for you at Modern Bakery Moscow on June 14-17!