Italian manufacturers at the exhibition 2023

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There are only 8 days left before the exhibition! 🎉 On March 21-24, we will meet at IEC "Expocentre" to reach favorable agreements with new partners, learn from the best specialists and discuss hot topics of the industry as part of the business program, as well as see new products from our exhibitors ✨

Today we want to introduce you to the participants from Italy:

Canol - implements automatic production lines for confectionery and bakery products from puff, Danish and croissant dough, frying lines (industrial deep fryers), horizontal and vertical injecting machines, dough extruders.

The representative of the Tecnopool company - Gostol-Technopool produces complex industrial equipment for large and medium-sized enterprises of the baking industry.

Iteca offers automated production lines for bakery and flour confectionery products.

You can find out more about this year's exhibitors at our official website in the "Participants" section. Do not miss the main meeting of industry specialists 😉