Let's get acquainted with turkish manufacturers of the exhibition 2023

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We continue to introduce you to this year's exhibitors from other countries. Today we present to you Turkish companies that are already ready to demonstrate their innovative technologies to you on March 21-24! 🙌

APM AZIM realizes ingredients for bakery and confectionery production: mixes and pastes, fillings, icing and sourdough.

Biscuit Pro offers dough machines and sheeters, depositors, laminating machines, tunnel ovens, laboratory lines, as well as individual projects at the request of the customer.

Forma Makina will demonstrate bakery and flour confectionery production lines, waffle production machines, as well as packaging lines.

Girisim Makina offers production lines for the production of flat wafers, chocolate, protein, cereal bars, sandwich cookies, packaging machines.

Gocmen Machine realizes wafer and chocolate equipment: wafer baking ovens, coating machines, cooling tunnels, powdered sugar and discard mills, aerated cream system.

Kardesan will demonstrate forms, baking trays, coatings and lubricants for sheets and forms, as well as ready-made raw materials solutions.

Kumkaya offers bakery ovens, dough processing equipment, manual loaders, as well as mobile ovens.

Memak realizes proofing machines, ovens for bakery production, equipment for dough processing.

Mirpain will demonstrate bakery and confectionery mixes, as well as other ingredients solutions.

Özköseoğlu realizes steam pipe bakery ovens, multi-deck ovens with stone base, rotary and modular deck ovens, as well as equipment for freezing preformed dough products.

Öztiryakiler offers forms, baking trays, as well as racks for baking and storage.

Pek Makina will demonstrate production machines for puff pastry products.

Porlanmaz Bakery Machinery realizes bakery ovens,  dough machines, dough processing equipment.

Don't miss the main meeting of bakery and confectionery equipment specialists on March 21-24!

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