Present Chinese manufacturers of the exhibition 2023

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The exhibition Modern Bakery Moscow | Confex is held next week! 🎉

This year the exposition has been replenished with new Chinese companies. We get to know them closer in this post and at the exhibition on March 21-24! We remind you about registration at the official website 😉

Anke - ready-made packaging solutions for bakery and confectionery products.

Derun - baking paper jumbo roll, air fryer liners, greaseproof paper, household aluminum foil roll, etc.

Qingdao Kesong - high-quality whipped cream, emulsified oil, frozen ready-to-eat desserts, frozen dough semi-finished products.

Hi-Road -  non-dairy topping, dairy blend topping, plant-based topping, chocolate, custard, and baking cream series.

Shenzhen Nha Machinery - cake depositor, ultrasonic cake cutting machine, hamburger slicer, cream filling machine, pancake making machine, cake rolling machine etc.

Sunshine Bakery Packaging - disposable cake boards, cake pans, cake box, silicone cake mold, cupcake paper cups, paper straw.

Wuxi Bakeware - baking trays of pizza, cakes and other bakery and confectionery products, cake forms, carts.