Master classes. 23 March

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Do not forget notebooks for taking notes, because the third day promises us interesting and informative master classes from top bakery and pastry chefs 🙌

🔸10:30–12:00 - DELIGHT3. Pleasure in the cube. Sergey Fetisov (Pav. 2.1, 21E01)

🔸10:30-12:30 - Functional chocolate decor. Increasing the attractiveness of products without increasing the cost. Olga Peniosa (Pav. 2.3, 23B20)

🔸12:30-15:00 - Custard types of bread. All about tea leaves. Alla Borisova (Pav. 2.1, 21E01)

🔸13:00-15:00 - Puff pastry and products made from it are an important part of the assortment of a modern bakery shop. Ahmed Ali-Zade (Pav. 2.3, 23B20)

🔸15:30-17:30 - Instagram desserts vs classic. Alyona Ofitserova (Pav. 2.1, 21E01)

🔸15:30-17:30 - Cold fermentation yeast dough as a base for the assortment. Polina Andrianova (Pav. 2.3, 23B20)

We look forward to seeing you! 🤗

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