Highlights of the 4th day

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How was the 4th final day of the main meeting of specialists of the bakery and confectionery industry? Informative, intense and active:

📝 We talked how to build a successful baking business at a seminar with Konstantin Malkov, the owner of the Bakerai chain ✨The speaker also shared with the visitors where to get new ideas and where to look for a new assortment.

📝At the master class from Olga Kiseleva, visitors of the exhibition mastered the basic focaccia recipe, which can be easily adjusted to the schedule, tips on choosing ingredients, as well as the basic principles of preparing a long fermentation dough.

📝And at the master class "Modern trends and mistakes in pizza production" by Victoria Eremeeva and Alexander Bogdanov, director and head coach of Pizza School Russia, learned how to knead dough, as well as choose and store ingredients for classic Italian and Roman pizza.

Thank you for being with us all these 4 productive and active days! See you next year 😉

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