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The future of the bakery industry has already arrived! At Modern Bakery Moscow | Confex, General Director of JSC "Smak" Fufarov V.V. told about the launch of a new production - the plant of the future "SMAK" in Yekaterinburg.

The new workshop occupies several hectares of area. The technological complex of the enterprise provides high productivity, the exclusion of a significant part of manual labor and a high level of sanitary and hygienic safety.

Robotic manufacturing does not affect the quality of the product, so bread is baked at different temperature conditions, so that the loaves are more delicious and do not stale for longer.

On the basis of the plant, unique technologies are used, baking and bakery products that are completely new to the Russian market, for example, the German "Strangbrot" is a large loaf of wheat and rye flour. The product reaches a length of almost three meters and a weight of 20 kg. Such bread accumulates more taste qualities in itself.

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