Packaging manufacturers present eco-packaging at the exhibition 2023

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Last Friday, the Russian government approved a draft law on the obligation of manufacturers to dispose all packaging from 2027. At the same time, companies will be given a choice — to dispose it themselves or pay a tax fee so that the government does it instead.

We also learned about the already adopted laws in the field of recycling within the framework of an open meeting of the Business Club "Best regional practices of Russian National Bakery" from the St. Petersburg Institute of Management and Food Technology.

Waste recycling is an urgent issue for the production of many industries, the bakery and confectionery industry is no exception, so it's no secret that companies need eco-packaging for finished products. This year, at the Modern Bakery Moscow | Confex exhibition, packaging manufacturers presented eco-friendly packaging solutions for bakery and confectionery products

What kind of packaging do you use in your production?

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