A 3,000-year-old bakery has been discovered in Armenia, where flour has been preserved

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A bakery has been discovered in Armenia that is, imagine, 3,000 years old!

During excavations in Metsamor, a group of Armenian and Polish archaeologists discovered the remains of a large building, where impressive reserves of flour were found. You may ask, how did the researchers understand that it was flour? A detailed analysis of the "ash", which they found next to the remains of several furnaces, helped:

"Flour has been preserved in the form of light spots. At first glance, it looked like burnt ashes. However, thanks to flotation [flushing] we have proved that it is flour, not ash," explained Professor Krzysztof Jakubiak from the University of Warsaw.

According to the researchers, the former bakery could contain up to 3.5 tons of flour. It is assumed that the production was massive.
Source: naukawpolsce.pl

What do you think, how many finished goods did such a manufacturer produce?

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