New confectionery trend: searching for inspiration in neural networks

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Confectioners are real artists and often they look for inspiration in different sources: from works of fine art and nature to modern online resources Instagram and Pinterest.

But often the consumer is waiting for a unique dessert, fundamentally different from all others. How to cover the needs of buyers? In search of an answer to this question, confectioners are increasingly turning to neural networks.

Now neural networks are increasingly being used in many manufacturing industries and confectionery is no exception: confectioners are already creating cakes based on sketches drawn by neural networks.

So, in the SweetMarin confectionery, a cake was prepared, the design of which was created by a neural network. We share with you sketches of cakes, also generated by the neural network. Do you think it's possible to replicate these designs in real life?

нейросеть 6 (1).jpg

нейросеть 5 (1).jpg

нейросеть 4 (1).jpg

нейросеть 3 (1).jpg

We will learn about artist cakes, as well as how to sell them expensive next week in a video interview with Marina Sinitskaya, the creator of show cakes, the host of the culinary program.

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