"Sun" bakeries: bakeries running on sun energy

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Environment caring news again today: Solarbakery company presented an unusual concept of bakeries in Stuttgart as part of the Urban Future Conference event 🥖

What is unusual about the concept, you ask? The fact is that such bakeries are powered by solar energy and can function where there is no constant access to electricity. And they are also mobile and cost-effective 💯
Source: bakingbiscuit.com

The Modern Bakery Moscow | Confex team conducted a study and found out that solar-powered bakeries are not new: there are similar establishments in France, South and East Africa, Mexico, Chile, Lebanon. Considering the videos, bread and bakery products made in solar-powered ovens turn out no worse than products made in the traditional way 👍

Do you see a prospect in the use of solar energy in the baking industry?

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